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Chapter 2 the Saga of the Steamship Global Warming Captain Lost

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Tom Mast, founder Solve American Gridlock

You might remember that in our last chapter, the Steamship Global Warming was still in the Pacific Ocean badly needing a port for fuel and provisions. Conditions are growing tenser because despite steaming faster and trying most every course on the compass, the horizon is offering no hint of land.

Captain Lost has a sextant and uses it daily, so he knows the steamer’s latitude and longitude. He just doesn’t know where anything else is. He turns to the sailor on the helm and asks one more time “why didn’t you remind me to bring a chart?” The sailor answers in German which doesn’t help. Tune in again to hear what happens next. How is Captain Lost ever going to recover from not having a chart?

Do you detect any parallels to the saga of our struggle against the greenhouse gases that cause global warming? First, let’s look below at some evidence of our “progress”. #carbontax #CO2

Our greenhouse gas and carbon emissions are virtually flat over a thirty-year period. The rate of reduction in the CO2 emissions over the latter portion of the graph from 2005 forward are still on a rate to take another 75 years to reach zero.

All this is despite constant course changes, spending lots of money, and much bickering among the crew. Oh, we forgot the chart! We don’t have a blueprint! Everyone is pulling in a different direction. Let’s see if someone can somehow get a chart to us so at least we can come to a course that will get us to port.


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