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Climate Change

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Why am I doing this? Why spend my time advocating a course correction in our fight against climate change? #climatechange

Well, I am a retired engineer with graduate degrees who enjoys participating in solving problems. To do so, people and institutions must dig down to the root causes and work on them rather than on the symptoms. Also, I am a husband, father, and grandfather and really want my family – and all other people in America – to have the same opportunities that I have enjoyed. It has become increasingly obvious that our approach to climate change is fragmented, inefficient, and political. The fact that this approach is not producing the needed reductions in greenhouse gases despite gobbling up vast sums of money and causing gridlock is a threat to our country. Of course, climate change is very much a global problem, and our reluctance to lead well spills over into the whole world.

Solutions aren’t a secret! They have been implemented in quite a few countries already. We need a Master Plan conceived by professional scientists and economists for the politicians to implement. This Plan must be based on raising the prices of greenhouse-gas-producing substances like hydrocarbon fuels enough to stimulate innovation and alter spending habits of all to transition to climate friendly products and services. This way, everyone would have skin in the game in proportion to his or her consumption of carbon fuels.

So, I am betting that common sense will prevail, that pivotal changes will occur soon and that we will begin making progress in the climate change battle. We citizens are still sovereign, and only 21% of us approve of congress’s performance, therefore we are being entirely reasonable on insisting on reasonable changes. Solve American Gridlock will grow its ranks and work with like-minded organizations pushing for a common sense overhaul.

Thanks for listening to me.


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