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How to Get Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Tom Mast, founder of Solve American Gridlock

The chart below shows that greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. have not changed significantly over 28 years, certainly not enough to halt the huge increase of them in our outer atmosphere. Neither any of the categories generating the gases nor the total has changed a lot. Remember that they are cumulative in that they dissipate from the atmosphere extremely slowly. The last three years are missing, but they would be misleading because the pandemic caused a significant reduction in human activities like transportation.

The greenhouse gas emissions situation for the world is much worse as can be seen in the chart below. Even just looking at the same time period, the emissions increased from 22 billion tons in 1990 to 36 billion tons in 2015 or over 63%. Of course, the global warming problem is affecting the entire world because the GHGs spread out in our atmosphere.

The message is that we are dreaming if we think the international conferences and hype in the media are getting the job done.

So, what to do?

  • Create a commission of distinguished scientists and economists to create a Blueprint to combat global warming. Have Congress enact it.

  • Have the Blueprint based on carbon pricing ensure a fair, comprehensive, and effective actions by carbon end users to get GHG emissions on an adequate downward slope.

  • Take steps in a fair and just way to get worldwide participation.

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