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BLUEPRINT – Advantages

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The primary advantage of having a Blueprint is that it will guide the world to controlling global warming at a level and a price that are the best we can expect. If you have read the Global Warming section of our website, you know that the globe is now treading water in this fight – or worse.

The BLUEPRINT, designed by experts already well versed in developing the necessary rationale and data, will have the advantage of being objective.

Almost all of the necessary expertise and data exist now, so the BLUEPRINT can be developed quickly.

A BLUEPRINT that is transparent and understandable to everyone will garner the support of a strong majority of the peoples of America and the countries of the rest of the world. It is for this reason that the BLUEPRINT will include a Basic version that is understandable by laypersons. This has the advantage of getting their support for their personal decisions and their support for the BLUEPRINT with politicians.

Transparency includes the BLUEPRINT laying out the societal changes and costs necessary to achieve success. This includes demonstrating that the target temperature(s)/goals are realistic and carefully chosen.

The BLUEPRINT will provide the roadmap and the incentives through Pricing Greenhouse Gas Emissions to eliminate the gridlock and rancor caused by large numbers of laws and regulations impacting various parts of the economy. In fact, many existing laws and regulations that duplicate the effects of Pricing Emissions can be phased out. Decision making will be pushed down to the consumer of greenhouse gas goods and services where it will be market-driven, even-handed, and fair.

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