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BLUEPRINT - Global Warming Mitigation

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

An incredible amount of information and data is presently known about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions in our world, when and how severe the consequences of them will be, and how costly it will be to mitigate them to avoid the worst of their harm. The present method used in America and many other countries of attacking various segments of society in unpredictable ways is divisive, unfair, and not widely supported. America and the rest of the world are not making much if any progress in the battle against global warming.

Countries, including America, must agree on a Blueprint to fight Global Warming, developed by the scientists and economists who are already on the cutting edge of expertise in their fields. The Blueprint must include an approach designed to elevate prices of various greenhouse-gas-producing substances like coal to stimulate reductions in demand for their derivative products. The pricing will be done near the source of the substance so that it will cause higher prices to flow down to the ultimate consumers, causing them to shift to less costly alternatives in many thousands of ways. In addition, research to stimulate new alternatives will naturally result. Most existing laws and regulations on specific industries can be phased out.

Such a Blueprint will be much more cost effective, universal, understandable by all, and believable. Best of all, it will work!


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