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Summary of Posts on Blog of Solve American Gridlock’s website and on Facebook

Tom Mast, founder Solve American Gridlock

We publish ten Posts each month on both the Blog section of our website at and on our Facebook page. These are intended to be quickly educational, interesting, and often humorous. All are fairly short, but long enough to explore the topic. Often they reference learned authors and writers of books, articles, and Op-Eds. All are intended to be unbiased and objective while focused on our drive to find the root causes of serious problems and offer remedies. All articles are based on the two gridlock topics we study, Dysfunctional Congress and Global Warming. #climatechange #congess

All Posts for the past four months are still on the two locations, and all of them are on one or the other of the two topics above – except this one whose purpose is to encourage you to read the past posts and follow those to come. Feedback is welcome.

Below are the titles of the posts for August back through May with the most recent month coming first.


  • Energy Security and Climate Change

  • “Takes Two to Make a Fight”

  • Energy Sources and Attributes For Global Warming Mitigation

  • Analyzing Congress’s Single-Member District Mandate

  • Chapter 2 - the Saga of the Steamship Global Warming, Captain Lost

  • Top Issues Facing the USA

  • Analyzing Congress’s Single-Member District Mandate

  • Global Warming: How to Get Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Future U.S. Electrical Energy Sources

  • See Saw Congress (Unsteady, careen, lurch)


  • Invigorate Nuclear Energy!

  • Polarization and Root Causes

  • Energy and Food Production, Tom Mast – Founder of Solve American Gridlock, Reference: How the World Really Works, by Vaclav Smil

  • Global Warming and Economics, Tom Mast – Founder of Solve American Gridlock, Reference: The Climate Casino; Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World, By William Nordhaus

  • Animosity and Discord

  • Safe Seats

  • Dysfunctional Congress

  • What to Do?

  • Ethanol for Your Car?

  • Pricing of GHG Emissions – Advantages

  • Straight Talk About Global Warming


  • Dysfunctional Congress

  • Beyond Magical Thinking: Time to Get Real on Climate Change, Vaclav Smil, Yale Environment 360, 5/19/22

  • We Must Have More Than Two Parties

  • Small Modular Reactors (SMR)

  • Comments on NYT Opinion By Thomas Friedman, May 17, 2022

  • Climate Change

  • Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends – and More per the WSJ two years ago

  • Multi-Member Districts

  • Progress?

  • Confidence in Congress

  • Animosity and Discord In Congress


  • Letter to API and Oil Companies


  • Must We Accept Permanent Gridlock in our Congress?

  • MASTER PLAN - Global Warming Mitigation


  • Advocacy – Solve American Gridlock

  • Mission and the Task Going Forward

  • Multi-Member Districts

  • MASTER PLAN – Advantages

  • Tale of Two Parties


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